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Why Us?

Not only have we been residents of your community for years, we also understand our clients lifestyle. Our background in the construction industry allows us to see the value of a property and give us a better understanding of what needs to be done to have it sell at the highest price. Listing a home requires a strategic method and proper analyzation. Therefore, working with a licensed and experienced real estate agent in your local South Florida neighborhood will help you to sell your property at the best price. Hiring a real estate agent can be beneficial for several reasons. Not only do our agents at Alan Abramson have years of experience in residences from Miami Beach to Palm Beach, but also the knowledge of market trends, large network of contacts, and an excellent luxury marketing team.

We Like To Do It Right

Alan Abramson of South Florida make it our priority to showcase your home in the best possible light. Quality work, strategy and material is an essential asset to a successful sale, and we do what it takes to get the job done. Our professional Realtors develop a customized marketing strategy to target potential buyers by capturing their interest through quality material.

One Step Ahead

Alan Abramson always remain one step ahead. Our savvy agents stay up-to-date on the latest innovative technologies and tactics is what helps our listed properties sell quickest for top dollar. We embrace the current digital world and consistently improve our methods to ensure our clients absolute satisfaction. Pushing the limits and building connections to expand our ever growing network is part of what we do best.

What We Sell

A property is more than just a home or potential investment. Listing a property means also selling a lifestyle as well as a future. Whether you are selling a waterfront property, luxury single family home, or a residential condominium, we have your best interest and will take the time to understand your needs.

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