Tips For Sellers: How To Sell Your Home Quicker

Well, selling a home quickly is one thing. It is also important to make sure that you achieve the highest dollar. That should remain your real estate agents number one priority. However, there are things that a seller can do to improve the current state of their property to speed up the process.

Selling Tips:

Virtual tours

Virtual tours are becoming popular in the real estate industry. Now that we are living in a digital world with access to just about anything, taking advantage of online marketing should be taken into consideration. What better way to market a property than to show the entire home online in just one video. A benefit to creating a virtual tour is having the ability to share the home with thousands of viewers on the internet. You gain a further reach and increase your chances of finding a well-suited buyer.

Professional photos

People forget the power of a photo. A photo of poor quality can turn off a potential buyer. However, a high quality photo can actually capture the attention of a buyer and attract them to viewing your property. Often times, low quality real estate photos lead to less showings. Taking just a few professional pictures can make a huge difference in showing requests.

Stage the exterior of your home

Believe it or not, curb appeal is of great importance. It can actually make or break a buyers desire to view a property. What to do? Paint the exterior and patch up any existing wear and tear. A little paint can go a long way and can make a home look fresh and inviting. Have a backyard or front porch? Rent patio furniture or rearrange your current setting to create a homey feel.

De-clutter and organize your belongings

The whole idea is to allow people who are looking at your house to be able to imagine themselves living there. If it is filled with your personal belongings and clutter, it makes it difficult for people to see the home as theirs. Keep the home as clean and de-cluttered as possible so that people can visualize their future when they come to look at your property.

Take advantage of social media

Social media has its benefits if used properly. Not only do you have your closest family and friends on there, but you also have the ability to befriend neighbors and local homeowners in the area.

What to post:

- Post the virtual tour to your social media pages. This way your friends, family and neighbors can do a walkthrough from the comfort of their home. The best part? Your friends on social media have the ability to “share” the post to their list of friends.

- Post a video clip talking about what you love about the property. This shows that the home is loved and taken care of.

- Share the best restaurants and parks in the area. The idea is to give people an idea of what is in the area if they are not already aware.

Price the property competitively

The biggest issue that sellers have when it comes to selling a home in a timely manner is the fact that their home is over priced. When a home is over priced it actually discourages people to come and look at it. If a home is priced correctly and competitively for the local real estate market, then you appear inviting to potential buyers. Additionally, you allow yourself more room for negotiation and possible bidding wars.

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