The Benefits of Gated Community Living in South Florida Is it right for you?

Is a gated community the right fit for you and your family? Maybe you are currently living in a private community in Palm Beach County, or maybe you are considering it as an option. There are several benefits to living in a private, gated community in South Florida.

What comes to your mind when you think of a gated community?

Of course, our initial thoughts are typically safety, exclusivity, luxurious real estate and activities.

But, gated communities provide additional benefits.

South Florida is known for the most sought after gated communities in the country. Boca Raton features some of the best gated communities, golf communities and retirement communities that offer true definition of luxury living.

It is the idea of living in a secure neighborhood that is guarded by physical security guards and iron gates. That concept is part of the reason why many choose to reside in a community.

Gated communities can be found in areas in South Florida such as Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington and Jupiter. Country clubs are of great popularity as well. Boca West, Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, The Polo Club and Broken Sound are examples of country clubs in Boca Raton. Country Clubs are private, residential gated communities that offer additional amenities such as golf, restaurants, tennis and pro shops. Furthermore, these areas are known for the beautiful real estate.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of gated community living so that you can fully understand how these developments operate.

No Traffic

We all know that during season in South Florida the traffic can get in the way. It can be a pain to get home after 5:00 pm on the average week day. Boca Raton may not be as bad as Miami Beach, but it does have its moments.

When living in a gated community in South Florida, traffic is reduced because car speed is monitored which minimizes the number of accidents. Additionally, you maintain privacy within the neighborhood.


- You can get to your home quicker after a long day
- Safer for kids to play outside
- Short commutes throughout the entire day

Privacy and Security

There is not a better feeling than security, and that is exactly what a gated community will provide you. A secluded, private and gated neighborhood is more difficult to access than your non gated neighborhood.

The security element prevents solicitors from entering and reduces the risk of crime and that in itself puts residents at ease. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will not be a victim of crime, but the risk is vastly reduced due to the increase in security. …which does come at a price.

Keep in mind, there are two different types of security that gated communities offer:

1   You can choose a community that has live guards that greet each visitor entering the neighborhood.

2   You can choose a community that has a keypad and an automatic gate. (The option that provides the live guard may be more costly, but will reduce the risk of invasion on a larger scale. The gates are not foolproof, but definitely intimidate any potential suspects.) It is important to always be careful who you give the code. In a community with only a keypad you cannot become too comfortable. Once you give the code to someone, the word can spread.

Furthermore, the safety of the community is directly dependent upon the quality of the system in place and the location of the neighborhood.

Quality Upkeep

- String building codes
- Consistent uniform in design
- Not having to worry about that neighbor who refuses to take care of their lawn
- More comparable sales which puts your home at a better value

People living in private neighborhoods tend to take pride in their home and in their community which means that they keep their home in good condition.

It is nice to drive through a well-maintained neighborhood where you also feel secure!


Have a family? The Boynton Harbor Marina offers water sports and activities for kids of all ages including an eco-friendly adventure where children can learn about wildlife.

Boynton Beach is a great neighborhood to settle down. You can choose from several private communities of 55+ years, or family-friendly neighborhoods.

Did you like what you read about the top neighborhoods in South Florida?

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