23rd Annual Downtown Delray Beach Craft Festival

Delray Beach, Florida has been known to host fantastic street fairs, art shows and festivals of all sorts. It is a great time for the entire community to come together and support local businesses. Not to mention, the beautiful weather and ocean views make it even more appealing. South Florida brings together several cultures from around the world, which means the art that you will find is truly one of a kind.

The fall is a busier season due to the fact that the snowbirds begin to make their way back down to the sunshine state. People are always looking for things to do, and Delray has something for everyone. Therefore, it makes August a great time in Delray Beach to attend local art fairs and community activities.

What better way to spend a weekend in paradise?

It is back once again…

Mark your calendars because starting Saturday, September 23, 2017, the American Craft Endeavors will be hosting its 23rd Annual Downtown Delray Beach Craft Festival! This is a favorite for locals throughout the Delray Beach, Boca Raton and the Boynton Beach area. Whether you live near by, or are visiting from another state or country, the Craft Festival in Delray Beach is a fun activity that you do not want to miss!

They have so much to offer

From clothing designers, to jewelry makers, to sculpting artists, and painters, this festival has it all. You can find gorgeous artwork for your home, unique sculptures and eclectic home goods. We highly suggest checking it out! You never know what you might find.

Here are the exhibitors that will be attending the Craft Show in Downtown Delray Beach:

- Sue/Tracy Babin-Swift/Bober / Misc
- Gissell/William Barbour / Jewelry
- Ademir Borges / Sculpture
- Mickey D./Mike Bradham / Ceramics
- Isaac Brooks / Sculpture
- Robert/Kathleen Brown / Painting
- Tawny Brown / Soap/Lotion
- Scott Burford / Plants
- Gail Clark / Misc
- Tina/Jack Clautice/Russel / Mixed Media
- Brenda Cline / Jewelry
- Dennis Collins / Jewelry
- Gwen Dee / Painting
- Suzi Fromm / Floral
- Val/Lucy Gabriel / Clothing
- Luis Miguel Garcia / Ceramics
- Deborah Gleichmann / Mixed Media
- Michael Gregory / Home Goods
- Timothy Hall / Photography
- Sherrye Hester / Paper Art
- Terri Hester / Wood
- Christine Huff / Pet Accessories
- Ronald Johnson / Jewelry
- Anthony Joneck / Jewelry
- Sindi & Philip Karman / Home Goods
- Lynda Keen / Jewelry
- Ana Mari Keeney / Jewelry
- Cindy/Randy Ketchersid/Pruitt / Wood
- Jeff/Kathy King / Clay
- Peter Lakiotis / Pet Accessories
- Sonia Larson / Mixed Media
- Lori Lippard / Mixed Media
- Sue Manganiello / Jewelry
- Pamela Mueller / Books
- Craig Noriega / Plants
- Mary Jane Powell / Jewelry
- Keith Roman / Books
- Rasa Saldaitis / Painting
- Dan Shafer / Wood
- David Sigel / Painting
- Carol Smith / Jewelry
- Gloria Stacholy / Jewelry
- Lora/Bob Thomas / Pottery
- Clay Tinney / Jewelry
- Kathy/Bill Toledo / Fabric
- Gina/Nina Varley/Thompson / Misc
- Linda Wollard / Fiber
- Linda/Robert Young / Soap/Lotion
- Lilia Yunusova / Glass
- Cristina Zandomenego / Jewelry

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Dates: Saturday, September 23 - Sunday, September 24
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: 330 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach is the perfect location to host this festival because it is in the center of delicious restaurants, boutique shops and popular art galleries.

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