8 Beautiful Beaches in South Florida

The state of Florida is a vacation destination filled with warm sandy beaches, and resorts with endless relaxation. It is a year round escape for many, especially those coming from colder climates such as the East coast.

Colorful sunsets reflecting off of the calm ocean blue waters and sunny days can be found at just about any beach down in the sunshine state. The diversity that the shores possess is what helps bring in travelers across the globe.

Take off your sandals, and get ready to sunbathe on these beautiful beaches in Florida. Today, Alan Abramson is going to share where the most beautiful beaches are to visit in Florida.


Expect to witness one of the most breathtaking white-sand beaches that Florida has to offer. The beach stretches 3 miles of the Pinellas Peninsula directly on the Gulf Coast. In addition to the outspoken fabulous sights, fun activities can be found across the beach including parasailing, jet skiing, fishing excursions, and beach volleyball due to the close proximity to Tampa. This destination is the perfect getaway.


Calm and exotic shores are exactly what is to be found on Sanibel Island. A trip of peace and tranquility is why vacationers travel to Sanibel Island. Forget the noise, worries, and festivals, Sanibel Island offers a new outlook and perspective on life.

Pick colorful seashells by the shore, and enjoy yourself over a magnificent sunset. Sanibel Island has a very small population making the area very intimate and perfect for relaxing in the clear-blue waters. Are you planning your next getaway? This is the perfect location for family vacations and quality time.


Naples ranks quite high on the list of the best beaches in the sunshine state because Naples offers more than just spectacular views. This town is known for golf courses, boutique shopping, fabulous restaurants, and an overall upscale environment where visitors cannot go wrong.

This is the ultimate retreat where luxury resorts bring paradise directly to you. As costly as Naples can get, the beaches are free and it is impossible not to enjoy them.


Prepare to find the best of both worlds in this city. Walk along miles of incredible shorelines with views of the city that provide you with the escape from reality, and take time to go into the city for an urban environment.

This city is known for having many sunny days, and holds the title for the most consecutive days of pure sunshine. We can confidently say that St. Petersburg is a place where you can relax by the water, and not feel too disconnected. It is the best of both worlds!


Destin, Florida is known for its white sandy beaches just along the Gulf waters. The family friendly destination is a large attraction due to its beauty, and the fact that Destin happens to be one of the more affordable, and popular beach towns to visit in the Sunshine state. It was even nicknamed "World’s Luckiest Fishing Village."


Key West might be one of the most visually enhancing beaches in the Florida Keys. Known as the paradise for beach lovers, this spectacular natural beauty is located at the end of the Keys, but is one of the most important to visit if you want an incredible experience. In addition to the exceptional water, it is common to run into festivals, bars, and great people watching!


Well, it is Miami Beach. In case you are unaware of what Miami Beach has to offer, here is what to be expected when visiting the famous South Beach. Aside from the gorgeous weather, nightlife and celebrity sightings, the beach contains smooth white sand and miles of blue waters.

Take a break from the ocean to discover gourmet restaurants, and grab a quick bite just across the street on Ocean Drive. Affordable beach hotels can be found as well as luxury resorts. It’s time to start planning!


Fort Lauderdale is a city in South Florida that is often overlooked due to the extravagance of Miami. What people misunderstand is that Fort Lauderdale is actually a less chaotic and calmer beach.

You can enjoy the beauty of the waters, relaxation and friends while still having the option to go out on the town in the evening just a few blocks away. Fort Lauderdale is family friendly destination, and more affordable than Miami while still carrying many of the same assets.


Florida offers numerous options to choose from when it comes down to deciding which beach is best to visit. The eight destinations listed above will help lead you down the right path to discovering the perfect vacation paradise. These locations cannot go unvisited and are highly recommended. For more information or questions on Florida, beaches or Delray Beach real estate, please contact Alan Abramson, and a professional real estate agent will happily assist you!

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