How To Keep Your Home Organized

Ever wonder why your home continues to collect clutter? If you can relate, then continue reading because Alan Abramson will be providing you with your organization solutions!

Closets are not the only area in a house that build up clutter over time. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms have lots of spaces to fit excess junk, as well as additional “things.” Any area in a home can truly be a household “catch-all.”

Modern homes tend to be even larger today than they were 30 years ago, and self storage is increasing in popularity. An inadequate use of storage space including poorly designed cabinets and closets seems to be adding to the issue of disorganization.

Alan Abramson has countless suggestions, and highly recommends eliminating unnecessary clutter to give you the best insight into your organization design needs. Ready to get started?


If you read and follow the tips provided below, you will be well on your way to an organized home!

Time To Update

Out with the old and in with the new! Many storage spaces, cabinets and closets can fill up with stuff that may be broken or unmatched. It is time to get rid of any broken things which include plastic tupperware or storage containers that may be missing lids, dishes, pots or pans that have been worn down. In addition, replace the things in your home that have been torn up over time.

The Test

Do you have clothing, shoes, or accessories that have not been touched in at least one year? If you answered yes, then listen closely because professional organizers recommend throwing those items away, or donating them. There is a very good chance that if it has not been used within a year, then it will not be used at all.

Keep Things Where You Use Them

What does this mean? Some of us tend to bring our things with us and leave them in a new location. This leads to misplaced items and unnecessary clutter in unneeded spaces. It makes it much easier to find items when they are in the location in which they are actually used. Keep office supplies in the office, kitchen supplies in the kitchen, bathroom supplies in the bathroom, etc…

The Message Center

It is nice to have that one place where all of your gadgets and “things” are stored. These include phone chargers, bags, mail, paper, pens, etc… Many of us have these items laying all over the house because they are consistently used.

Building a message center is a great way to organize these items. It can be built as a small hidden office in a kitchen. Install a few hooks, extra drawers for bills, and hidden electrical extension cords to hide electronics. You’re good to go!

Choose The Right Containers

Not every container will get the job done, and every space counts. Now, do not just go out and purchase a handful of containers to throw your stuff into. Choosing the proper containers for a space actually takes more thought than you might believe, and is a big part of the organization process.

Take a step back and think about what you have to organize, what you are discarding, and where you are placing the items that you are keeping. Make sure you know which items will be going into which container. Pay attention to what you use the most and keep those in containers that are in reach. Measure your available space before making the purchase!


Organizing your home can be very beneficial for a fresh start. Do not let a disorganized home get the best of you because there are several ways to declutter! Alan Abramson is a full-service Real Estate Brokerage and we are here to help you with all of your real estate needs! Please contact us today for any questions or more information! We are here to help.

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